Athens, Greece


We designed the new Athens branch of ADMINE Communication Agency. ADMINE is an international agency covering all aspects of branding, campaigning, creative and communication services with offices in Thessaloniki, Nicosia and Athens. Its new office in Athens covers their needs of space for creative, marketing, and sales departments as well as management office space and a meeting room. The 160 sq.m. open space was covered with a single material, that worked as a canvas for the articulation of each room. Space is divided by partitions that vary from completely transparent to completely solid, according to the requirements of each space. The requirements for proximity, isolation and centrality of each space were studied and a diagram for location of each office was created. Based on this we produced a movement diagram and chose the materials to divide the spaces. The choice of materials, finishings, furniture, coloring and lighting were based on creating an atmosphere that is modern, technologically sophisticated, of neutral morphology, friendly to visitors and the employees.

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