Thessaloniki, Greece


Be* is located on the ground floor of one of the emblematic neoclassical buildings of the city, the Excelsior Hotel. The space has a unique angular arrangement, which served as a starting point to showcase the establishment as a large window that the city can look into. Booths were therefore placed along the windows and created corners and colored lights in rows over the tables. The walls were decorated with items such as a large blackboard and a map of the city. The extent of the two elements operate inside the space bringing everything together in harmony. The bar acts as the main focal point creating a divider, splitting the space into two. The furniture and fixtures were designed and manufactured by Urban Soul Project. Geometric shapes and colors were used, for the wooden paneling on the bar, for the lighting fixtures and the rest of the furniture. A metal fixture was designed and placed above the bar to create storage space for the glasses and to serve as an extra divider for the space.

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