Ntamouchari, Greece


The small guesthouse Damma Mia in Damouchari Pelion is housed in an old building designed without a specific architect. The property was owned by a local family who constructed it in situ for their personal use in the 40s. It consists of two single rooms, a food preparation area, a shared wc, accessible from the courtyard. It’s a cluster of spaces, with their back to the sea, for protection from the damp and waves. Placed under and beside the rock, that creates an internal courtyard between the structures and the rock face. It’s unique landscape and position, led to its reuse as a tourist accomodation, where the infrastructure combines comfort and luxury but at the same time provides an ascetic atmosphere. Genius loci was the basic design principle. It involved the conversion of the larger space into a room with wc and a mezzanine for accomodating two people, the conversion of other space into a room with wc. The small kitchen area was designed and equipped to offer a selfsuficient food preparation area. The towering rock is lit and provides natural protection for the courtyard. Access the roof of one of the rooms was also designed, to create a natural balcony to the sea and a unique point of view.

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