Thessaloniki, Greece


Ergon Agora is located in one of the oldest cinemas of Thessaloniki city center.

The key design intention was to highlight the character of a large, covered urban market combined with the sense of comfort and familiarity emerging in an old grocery store. In the shell multiple uses are met: restaurant, kitchen, grocery store, fishmonger’s, butcher’s, fruit store, wine cellar, deli and café which, although distinguishable, they create an interesting unity where smells, images and products dominate while blending altogether. The space’s assets such as the two entrances, the two internal balconies and the large floor space area, remnant of its prior use as a cinema, were incorporated in the design and constitute the spatial identity of the new store.

The feeling of an open market is enhanced by the materials used while the presence of glass, concrete, crude metal and aged wood are also dynamic, being core elements of the “Ergon” stores’ identity. The skylights on the roof highlight the large amount of space offering natural lighting, the blocks of concrete evoke narrow pedestrian markets and the industrial flooring unifies all the different elements of space. The central bar and the circular path created around it, function as a core around which all different uses unfold, intensifying the sense of a large space without beginning or end.

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