Thessaloniki, Greece


Temporary exhibition at the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki “Ancient DNA Window into the Past and Future”

The intention of the exhibition was to create a narrative environment in which the visitor, experiences the complex time-consuming and difficult process of the analysis of ancient DNA. Visitors during the tour between the sections of the exhibition have the opportunity to see, read, listen and interact with the collection, sometimes through the eyes of the scientist at a given moment of the process, sometimes by simply watching the process. The design approach follows the basic narrative and strengthens the element of a “laboratory”. The intention was for the space to resemble a sterile medical lab environment. The spatial narrative follows the conceptual route from the whole (body) to the part (pulverized bones – DNA) and vice versa. The objects of the collection -either as settings or as units- are exhibited so as to represent stages in the process of analysis of ancient DNA. The exhibition aims to attribute the circular relationship between man and the analytical laboratory procedure. So as to spatially represent the revival of man through DNA analysis and the conclusions reached by the investigation.

Exhibition design and graphics:

Urban Soul Project

Stergios Galikas, Architect AUTh, MA Museology


Curating and scientific supervision:

Christina Papageorgopoulou, Assit. Professor Anthropology, DUTh, AMTh

Eleutheria Theodoroudi, Archaeologist AUTh


Exhibition Duration: 30.07.2015 – 31.05.2016

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