Foodporn in Skiathos is part of the Foodporn chain. The brand’s store identity here is replicated to a great extent yet not copied per se. This store is located on the island of Skiathos, and operates seasonaly from April to October. Therefore, key elements of the design were adjusted accordingly. The colors of the walls, as well as the color of the fabric are here lighter. However, the overall design of the space incorporates the store identity developed for the flagship store in Thessaloniki.

Entering to the store, the entire façade opens up to create a store open to the paved pedestrian street. The kitchen is open-air here as well, the walls covered with the metal sheet, and a line of booths is also placed in the interior. All materials have undergone minimum processing, and were used raw.

The store features a back yard that works perfectly with the burger joint concept. Here, the store identity pendant lights are used extensively to cover the entire area, creating a scenic back yard.

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