Isobar-iProspect is an advertising and media agency in Athens with more than 70 people working at the moment. The design needs were two managerial offices, a welcome area, a big meeting room, open space offices and several lounge areas.

The design approach was based on modern design and functionality. Offices which can be assembled and dissembled easily and quickly, partitions which are easily moved, custom furniture and lounges with armchairs, stools and reclining chairs were some of the design choices made. The number of screws in the office furniture is reduced as each table leg is set in the wooden board, which hosts 4 permanent positions and two temporary ones. The partitions are self-supported, colorful, paper shields which become stable once assembled.

In an industrial space with gray flooring, white walls and ceilings, the choice of modular furniture, lighting and carpets is what gives the space character and human scale.


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