The concept of the jewelry store KAKURU is all about bringing the principles of the creator into architecture, into life. Design curves, inspiration from nature and materiality, all in an organic and gravityless space. A sense of levitation dominates the interior space, due to all the suspended display cases, mirrors and lights, the thin legs of the furniture, and even the interior glass façade of the attic, that creates a visual section inside the space.

The site is a very small, double-storey space at the historical center of Athens. The shop front and its displays are adjusted to the eye-level. There are both vertical and horizontal display cases on both sides of the shop front, in all possible heights.

A vivid, vibrant green color prevails in the design composition, reflecting the extensive use of green marble in the jewels. The specially crafted bronze runners installed on the terrazzo floor, follow the organic lines of the pendants, creating an inset horizontal sculpture.

Large mirrors -mounted, hanging, rotating- create depth, illuminate surprising views and conclude this spatial interpretation of KAKURU creations.

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