This Med Underwear Store is located in the heart of Athens, in Monastiraki. Med is a very powerful and distinctive brand in its area, as a result design had to respect and promote its character while on the other hand create a clear and sharp environment for the products to emerge and the costumers to enjoy. The store is consisted of two levels, ground and loft, having although a unified façade towards the street. It was important to showcase a large amount of products, in a rather small space without losing a sense of tidiness and organization. The material most used is metal, in a brass and a copper hue, so this creates the basic background for the products. Purple and royal blue textile can be found in the changing room curtains and in wall covering panels, this way the general atmosphere gets more theatrical and luxurious supporting the brand’s concept. The staircase, which connects the two levels, is an integral part of the design, combining metal and white marble with rigorous technical detail.

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