Thessaloniki, Greece


Navona is an Italian restaurant located in the outdoor area of the Macedonia Palace Hotel. The rectangular outdoor space, was designed with the basic principles of a town square, with an arcade covered on both sides, with the opening of one side to the hotel and with a central focal point, a marble fountain. The design of a new fence and the opening towards the hotel, created a clearer view to and from the sea front, it unified the space, while maintaining its privacy. An external bar with a view of the sea was also designed and added. Internally, the bar was relocated to the perimeter of the building, to create an interchangeable dining area, with movable tables and sofas. The pizza oven and preparation area are also located along the perimeter enclosed in a glass and metal structure. The materials used were natural. Wood in its natural shades or colored in emerald and white, with a fish-bone pattern for the lining, metal for the wine cellar and for the diagonal bottle rack, glass and marble. The fixtures are also custom designed for Navona, inspired by the cylindrical shape and using materials such as metal and glass. The outdoor areas were surfaced using the existing materials, natural colored stone for the square, squared black blocks for the bar.

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