Thessaloniki, Greece


We redesigned the entrance of the Park Hotel in the center of Thessaloniki. The Park Hotel is one of the oldest hotels in the city, which in recent years has been redefining its operation. Part of these improvements included the spatial intervention, focusing on redesigning the common areas on the ground floor. The project involved the design and configuration of the entrance, reception and seating area developed on the ground floor and on the mezzanine. The search for new character and new authenticity resulted in the review of the hotel’s original design. The main spatial feature of the design was the reunification of the reception and seating areas. The key design piece was the creation of a semipermeable structure consisting of vertical girders, which were placed in such a way as to operate both, as dividers or as unifying elements. The design approach for the ground floor exterior façade followed the style and morphology of the interior. A semipermeable structure of wooden blinds was placed in front of the windowpanes of the corner façade, providing sun protection, without interrupting the view.

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