At the historic, listed building Devonshire House in central London, the Eurobank Private Bank Luxemburg office space was designed and constructed with the purpose of revamping and upgrading. A coherent architectural vocabulary was created in order to unify the space via a repetitive use the of material. The materials were metal in brushed goldish texture, white-based Volakas marble, oak wood in natural coloring and finally, the blue corporate color applied on walls and fabrics. A concurrent design objective was the functional upgrade of the office. This includes the addition of extra working areas, two meeting rooms and a reception/waiting room for guests and clients. The plan of this corner space is “L” –shaped and the entrance is located at the one end. There is a clear layout transition from public to private, starting from the entrance and the reception area towards the meeting rooms and office spaces at the other end. The need for storing the company’s archive led to the design of a central cabinet running across the whole office space. The main hall was considered as a unified area, separated by transparent dividers in goldish metal frames. Finally, the bank’s art collection plays a significant role in the spatial arrangement and provides the necessary space for the proper perception of the space as an entity.

designed by Urban Soul Project and Eleftheria Oikonomaki

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