Thessaloniki, Greece


Roomore is a new type of hospitality space in the center of the city, new in its conceptual design, as well as in its operation. The suites are intended for long or short term stay,  with sufficient facilities that fit a dweller that works in the city for few days a month, as well for the traveler that seeks the upscale aesthetics and comfort of a city apartment. The listed Aristotelous Square building structured the urban character of the design path and its contemporary style with a classic urban spirit. The overall layout and details in floor finishes were inspired by the square’s neoclassical lines and curves. The project’s challenge was the implementation of its nine suites with their wc, small kitchens, storage, etc in a typical office floor layout, especially within a complicated building static frame, finally incorporated in its ceiling and light plans

Photo Credits:  Nikos Vavdinoudis – Christos Dimitriou /

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