It is an about 100m2 apartment whose configuration is determined by a long and narrow corridor. The private rooms – masterbedroom and guests’ – are along the corridor and the large common spaces – living room, dining area, kitchen – are found at both its ends. The unification of two smaller spaces into a living room designated the launch of the design process. This way, a spacious and bright space is created, that accommodates the sitting, dining and study area. The main interior design structure of the apartment, the bookcase, lays in that space. It is made of wood and extends along the blind wall/facade and covers its whole surface. The design of the bookcase follows the «cabinet des curiosities» principals transforming it into a complex of showcase decorative objects and artifacts, rather than only books. The entire working area follows the style of the bookcase. It is situated beneath the wide, bay window in that same space, mainly functioning as a reading desk. A place for study, peace, and quietness, which also accommodates some other core daily functions such as the sitting and dining area. The additional elements that conclude the basic conceptual gesture was chosen in order to give a sense of lightness that would balance ideally the strong and overpowering design of the bookcase/desk. The colors, fabrics and decorative elements follow a loose and easy design direction, contrary to the typical view of an “English Style” interior design.

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