Thessaloniki, Greece


Simplicity and clarity of design combined with the creation of a style with references to older components with modern reformulation, were the main characteristic components of the central architectural idea. The apartment, a typical urban residence of Thessaloniki, with elongated corridors and strong compartmentalization, has been adapted to serve the needs of the occupants. However morphological and functional elements were kept as reminders of its age, such as the separation of living areas and private spaces or the typical arches in the hallways. The open space of the living room and the dining room was placed, so as to reinforce the visual retreats towards the sea and aid the apartment’s relationship with it. The bedrooms, separated from the “public spaces” were isolated in the back areas of the apartment offering the necessary privacy. At the core of the two zones the enlarged wardrobe was placed, an element that divides the privacy areas and living spaces but also coordinates and movement between them. Common perception in the design, the neutral natural color palette, wood, worked metallic elements give hints of timelessness, age, homeliness. The sense of the bespoke and comfort, result from the design of specific elements, tailored to the needs of the occupants.

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