The apartment is located in the 16th arrondissement, in the iconic Auguste Perret building on Benjamin Franklin street. The building is an architectural monument as it is one of the first built with the reinforced concrete structural system of beams and columns that allows for an open plan. In redesigning the interior, the central space is opened up, having the interior walls removed. The central common areas housing living room, kitchen and dining, open up to the only terrace of the building. The entrance is located in the center of the plan and two steel structures, a backless bookshelf and a asymmetrical orthogonal separator are framing a corridor to the back auxiliary rooms, such as secondary guest room and bathroom, and storage space. The two main bedrooms are also facing the street, with en-suite bathrooms. The material palette used conforms with a contemporary urban apartment, more precisely a light grey terrazzo floor, walnut floors and veneer, and steel powder coated in a sheer gold.

Photos: Nikos Vanvinoudis – Christos Dimitriou /


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