Thessaloniki, Greece


Thymare is a restaurant situated on the ground floor of the Makedonia Palace Hotel in Thessaloniki.
The design of the restaurant was influenced by its seafront location. The basic idea was to use an everyday object like the crates used by fishermen, with such scope and scale, so that it would function as a whole, and as a single surface overlapping and dominating all dimensions of space. The crates were filled with fresh herbs (thyme) to enhance the end result.
The lighting fixtures used, refer to the ones found on traditional fishing boats; naked bulbs in their simplest form. Placed with sufficient density to illuminate a dining area and with uneven lengths so as to create a wave like ceiling.
The walls and bar were panneled with wooden boards of different color and width refering to the wood structures of coastal slums. Cement tiles were used as wall paneling in horizontal stripes, with a clear reference to a wave. Cement mortar was used to cover the surface of the bar.
The restaurant offers an indoor dinning area with an open kitchen, as well as an outdoor dinning space with similar lighting fixtures.
All furniture, except for the chairs, was designed and manufactured by Urban Soul Project.

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